Fossil Community, Museum, and Talks

The Fossil Collector is a place for hobbyists, connoiseurs, explorers, and researchers alike in Singapore to meet, exchange ideas, hear the latest news, view unique specimens, and learn about the joys of paleontology and collecting fossils.

Take a look at this Straits Times news report that profiles how we have grown since organizing formally since 2010, and how it really all started back in 1987!

We have come a long way and are the proud founders and curators of the Singapore Fossil Collectors, which organizes informal gatherings to events, get-togethers, and expeditions each quarter. Do join our Facebook Group and sign up for our mailing list for interesting updates.

We are also Singapore’s first and only travelling natural history museum. We loan a wide spectrum of hundreds of museum-quality authentic fossil exhibits and deliver interactive, fun, and educational talks on a range of paleontology-related topics. During these sessions, we proudly bring Singapore’s largest collection of real fossils to schools, museums, and community events for people of all ages to handle.

Do email us at to discuss your requirements privately. We will target to respond to you personally within 24 hours. Thank you and happy collecting!

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8 Responses to Fossil Community, Museum, and Talks

  1. Suresh Sundaram says:

    Hi Calvin, Read about you in the papers this morning. My son ‘Pranav’ who is only 6.5 years, seems to have an uncanny interest in fossils , evolution & natural history. Would be great to sign me up so I could read to him any updates that you may have. We have ourselves (On my sons urging), bought small fossils from Museums during our holidays. However it would be fantastic if my son could get to see your collection sometime. regards Suresh

    • chuyeeming says:

      Hi Suresh, thanks for your kind comment and for signing up with our mailing list. It’s great to hear that your boys share an interest in these areas, and especially heartwarming to see that you’re actively encouraging this! Will certainly keep you guys in mind at the next open house. Happy collecting! ~Calvin

  2. Andy Chua says:

    Just to let everyone know, Calvin here truly has an amazingly collection with many specimens of museum quality.

    I spent a very fruitful afternoon at his place admiring his fossils, discussing about paleontology as well as the future for collectors or enthusiasts like us in Singapore. In fact, it was looking at Calvin’s assemblage that inspired me to expand my personal collection. I just recently had to get a new display cabinet to accommodate my growing collection!

    Though most people turn up their nose, or gape at me in confusion when I claim my hobby is to “collect fossils”, it was all worth it as during Chinese New Year celebrations, I awed my relatives and cousins who had never seen actual fossils in their lives, and I also educated them about the natural history of Earth, and the delicate process in which dead creatures were slowly transformed into the fossils we see today.

    That said, wishing everyone a Happy New Year, and good luck to fossil collecting!

    – Andy

  3. Shahzeb says:

    I have been remarkably fascinated in paleontology and geology ever since I was a mere two years old. I had always given priority to learning more about prehistoric creatures over any other activity and continue to do so today. Currently I have a large collection of text and books on fossils, dinosaurs, prehistoric marine reptiles etc. however I have never gotten round to starting my first ever fossil collection (which I have anticipated my entire life).
    After I saw your collection in The Straits Times, I started following your blog rather incessantly and was further encouraged to start a private fossil collection of my own! I would just like to ask you; ‘which fossil should I start my collection with?’ and ‘Other than books Kinokuniya 😀 where else can I purchase fossils in Singapore?’

    • chuyeeming says:

      Hi Shahzeb, thanks for your note! Most fossil collectors started young too, and we’re a bit of a rare breed to never have stopped! Books are a great place to learn about fossils and paleontology, and handling an actual fossil will be a nice complement to make it come to ‘life’! Unfortunately there aren’t that many shops at all in Singapore where you can find good selections of authentic, high quality fossils at reasonable prices. Many of us feel that fossils from Kinokuniya are a bit overpriced. You can walk around the small Chinese shops in the Chinatown, Rochor, or Race Course Road area. There’s a couple of rather expensive shops in town (Harbourfront, Tanglin) for very high-end specimens. Many of us buy fossils online (e.g. ebay, online shops) but you need to be careful not to buy fake fossils disguised as genuine. Best of all, you can catch up with the few of us collectors who meet up every now and then for fossil swaps. Do join our Singapore Fossils Collectors Facebook group for fossil talk and news on the next gathering:!/groups/fossilcollector/

      • Shahzeb says:

        Thank you for the reply, I look forward to being a part of future gatherings! Also I have searched many sites for fossils, however the majority are wholesalers in fossil replicas. Do you have any recommendations for which websites/buyers to contact as some of the fossils e.g. Mosasaur teeth in Kinokuniya are indeed far too expensive when considered their actual value… Thank you for the invite to the facebook page, I will most probably be one of the most frequent posters 😀

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