Dinosaurs at SJCK

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Last week, we were invited to St. James’ Church Kindergarten to deliver a learning journey on prehistoric life.

The cohort of 200 kindergarten two students discussed different types of rocks, deep time, the fossilization process, ancient climate systems, and even continental drift. They went through a multi-sensorial experience of different dinosaur genera: Listening to the crack of a sauropod’s tail, feeling the tooth marks of a mosasaur on an iridescent ammonite specimen, smelling the scent of amber pieces, and comparing the sharp claws of modern and ancient theropods.

Our travelling museum displayed over 50 specimens, and as always the highlight of the day was when they took turns to handle actual fossils! The students were thrilled to grasp earth’s first lifeforms in a 3.4 billion-year old sample of stromatolite, run their fingers over the serrations of an ancient T-Rex tooth, feel the thin morphology of a Pterosaur limb, and marvel at the thickness of a Pachycephalosaurus skull bone. They gushed with excitement when they received specimens of real Spinosaurus teeth to bring home and proudly teach their parents about the largest land predator that ever lived!

Preschool educator Mrs Chua remarked about the event, “Children’s interest in the topic is evident.  Calvin has skillfully delivered the session, children were engaged and enthusiastic.  Along with a wide range of fossil specimens, children were treated to a feast of hands-on experiences!”

Thank you St. James’ for giving us the privilege to share our passion with our next generation!




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