Full Plesiosaur for sale


The plesiosaur (Greekˌ πλησίος/plesios; “near to; Sauria”) is a genus of sea reptile from the Late Cretaceous, 90 million years ago.  The first skeleton was named by Edward Cope, who erroneously connected the skull to the tail. This was corrected by Othniel Charles Marsh, and became part of the “Bone Wars” rivalry. Plesiosaurs had the most neck vertebrae among all vertebrate animals, but was not very flexible and could not be held high above the water surface unlike cryptozoological depictions of the Loch Ness Monster. Every collector’s dream is to have a full 3D-mounted actual plesiosaur in their collection. This amazing specimen measures over 3 metres. It originates comes from Mibladen in Morocco and has just come onto the market. This is available for sale at SGD 38,000.00 including shipping to anywhere in the world.

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Just another passionate collector of fossils
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1 Response to Full Plesiosaur for sale

  1. Andy Chua says:

    A specimen anyone would be proud to own!

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