Paleontology talk at MMI Bukit Batok Civil Service Club

img_6275Singapore Fossil Collectors was recently invited to Modern Montessori International (MMI) Pre-school and Childcare Centre at the Bukit Batok Civil Service Club to conduct an educational talk about paleontology for their ‘Funtastic Friday’.

The children were extremely well-behaved and listened attentively to topics such as rock types, fun facts about dinosaurs, the fossilisation process, and the science behind the study of prehistoric life. Even students as young as three years old were putting up their hands to ask and answer questions, and could hardly contain their excitement at the touch & feel session where they got to handle authentic fossils for the first time in their lives.

MMI Bukit Batok had this to say about the event,”We wanted the children to explore something different, out of their ordinary classroom routines, and invited the Singapore Fossil Collectors to conduct a session for us.”

“The children were in awe! We were most amazed by the PGs & N1s as we didn’t expect them to be able to sit through the entire session with their mouths open wide with anticipation! All of us enjoyed a great, informative session! Great thanks to Mr Chu & Mr Tan for their patience with the children and injecting so much fun & laughter!”

Thank you MMI Bukit Batok Civil Service Club and the students who have so kindly put together the dinosaur art frame for us! We will always cherish it and look forward to seeing you all again next time.

Please visit out their Facebook page for more pictures.


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