Dinosaur Workshops at The ArtScience Museum

Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction is Southeast Asia’s biggest dinosaur exhibition. Organized by the ArtScience Museum, it features over 400 fossils and models, and 50 original artworks from the American Museum of Natural History, San Juan National Science Museum, SCI! Expo at Monash University, and paleo-artist Peter Trusler.


Singapore Fossil Collectors partnered with The ArtScience Museum to organize a series of workshop sessions from February to May 2014, where visitors to its dinosaur exhibition can gain hands-on experience handling actual fossils to further deepen their prehistoric experience.


Over a series of ten sessions, we exhibited a wide collection of actual dinosaur fossils ranging from bones, eggs, and tracks, to teeth, claws, and coprolites. Visitors were taught to handle the specimens and examine their morphology, texture, weight, and details. Our speakers brought the audiences through the beginning of life, from the Pre-Cambrian through Mesozoic various eras, to the Pleistocene and modern day animals.


The visitors included locals and foreigners of all ages, and were delighted to handle the specimens and even take selfies with them! Their excitement was palpable and some of their kind feedback included:

“Good to have interactions and experts to answer any doubts.”

“It’s fascinating to hear more about the fossils , touch and feel them too!”

“I think the presenters were very knowledgeable and was able to engage with the participants. We want them back!”

“Very detailed and informative explanation. It’s great that they allowed us to handle the various fossils. Very friendly and approachable and definitely relevant to the exhibition.”

“Very interesting and the fact that we would touch all different fossils was great. Very educational.”

“Interesting exhibition and learning journey.”

“Workshop organizers are great! Very passionate!”


We were honoured to be asked to help review of the docent scripts and prep them for potential questions and ‘fun facts’, and were really humbled by their hard work, deep knowledge, and warm welcome.

Anna Salaman, Associate Director of Public Programmes, ArtScience Museum, said,” It has been a pleasure working with The Fossil Collectors. The workshops conducted were engaging, and complemented our Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction exhibition perfectly. The visitors, especially the children, were really intrigued by the interesting specimens that were provided and by the explanations provided by the facilitators.”

Thank you ArtScience Museum for bringing this once-in-a-lifetime exhibition in, and for the opportunity to contribute!

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