Upcoming Dino-craft event at Kino

Dino models

I remember many childhood days building dinosaurs with cardboard, Lego, or Play-Doh (or for those of older vintage, Plasticine), and was delighted to learn about the launch of an upcoming series of books where kids can also build their own prehistoric creatures.

Japanese publisher Shogakukan is teaming up with Kinokuniya this month to organize two public activity sessions for children, parents, and art and craft enthusiasts, where they will launch four English language paper craft books on dikinonosaurs!

Life-Size Dinosaurs is the first book in the Shogakukan NEO Life-Size Series and features dinosaurs from various time periods. 3D Dinosaurs 1, 3D Dinosaurs 2, and 3D Tyrannosaurus are part of the Shogakukan NEO Paper Craft Series, authored by paper craft artist Masanori Kamiya.

As a father, I especially appreciated how the author advocates the importance of building close parent-child relationships, and encourages the expansion of children’s creativity and imagination.

Fellow Singaporeans who would like to join in the fun can visit the Kinokuniya main store at 3.30pm next Saturday 15 March. The second event will be at 4pm on Saturday 22 March at their main store.

See you there!


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