Fossil Show & Tell at The Science Centre

On the 6th Dec 2013, The Fossil Collector was invited to give a special talk to an incredible group of 30 dinosaur enthusiasts at the Science Centre Singapore.


Aged between nine and twelve years old, the attendees were participants who had signed up for the Adventure Camp with Dinosaurs, an intensive overnight camp that included a hands-on workshop on fossils, a guided tour of the Titans of the Past exhibition, a wildlife discovery tour at the Ecogarden, and the opportunity for campers to make their own dinosaur documentary.

Our team, comprising Han, Andy, Kemi, Cindy, Cayden, and Calvin, arrived early to set up the fossil exhibits we had brought along and to do quick run through of the exhibition so as to customize our talk accordingly.

Setting up our fossil exhibits

Setting up our fossil exhibits

However, as soon as the excitable children started filtering in, we were immediately presented with an endless stream of questions and thoughts about dinosaurs. This allowed us to improvise our storyline on the go, but most of all it simply astounded the team with the sheer breadth of knowledge the children had and their obvious passion.

“Was the Kronosaurus a type of pliosaur?”
“Yes! It should have been called Cretaceous Park!”
“Why isn’t the Dimetrodon considered a dinosaur?”
“The Spinosaurus was 13 – 18 metres long!”
“Carcharodontosaurus was the largest theropod predator, not T-Rex!”

Simply. Amazing.

We used our time together to dispel some dinosaur myths, talk about the relative sizes of prehistoric fauna, and share about topics such as the practice of paleontology, the fossilization process, trace fossils, plate tectonics, living fossils, and the impact of dinosaurs on human culture.

Kemi & Andy

Kemi & Andy answering questions from the floor

Han showing the geological time scale

Han showing the geological time scale

The kids were particularly spirited in discussing evolution and debating controversies in paleontological science. The highlight of the session must have been when the campers got an opportunity to handle actual fossils ranging from a large Triceratops horn to a massive Mammoth femur and even an actual Allosaurus jaw.


“Thank you so much for the team’s presence. The talk was well-organised and presented in an interesting way,” said Ms. Anne Dhanaraj Senior Director of Education Programmes at Science Centre Singapore.

“Although there was a lot of information, the participants were really on your wavelength and asking so many questions! All of you really impressed them since they were asking for autographs! Thanks again so much guys and I will definitely look for ways to work together again,” she said.

Thank you Science Centre for this opportunity to share our passion and in so doing, get doubly inspired ourselves by the next generation of fossil enthusiasts!

Do like the Science Centre’s Facebook page to receive information on their future Family Programmes.


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