Dinosaurs at The Little Skool House!


In August, we were invited to The Little Skool House to talk about dinosaurs to a class of 5 year old preschoolers.

Our team, comprising Calvin, Andy, and Han Yang arrived early at their cheery campus in Tampines to set up.

We started our presentation by first showing the children pictures of dinosaurs and their fossilized skeletons, to provide a sense of scale and awe.


We then talked briefly about the fossilization process, how old they were, how they lived, and how they went extinct.

Teacher Ms. Ery Rosa Indah says,” The kids thoroughly enjoyed the entire presentation! It was a new and fascinating experience for them and they couldn’t contain their enthusiasm when they saw the bones and IMG_3303fossils right before their eyes!! Calvin, Andy and Han did a wonderful job educating and spreading knowledge and love of dinosaurs to my 5 year olds. A job well done! 46 thumbs up (from the teachers and the children)! :)”

IMG_3255Most of the time however, was on letting the kids excitedly handle the actual fossils that we brought along. They got to hold actual dinosaur horns, claws, teeth, eggs, tracks, and bones. The adorable tikes could recognize ‘dino poo’, and were surprisingly familiar with all the dinosaur names!

IMG_3308After answering all their questions, another class dropped by to take a look at the fossils. It’s really amazing how much kids love dinosaurs, and it is my wish that they would not forget this fascination even as they grow up.

We can’t wait to do another school visit either!

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