Triceratops fix

UPDATE 2 – Added a 27-inch Triceratops rib, an Einiosaurus nasal horn (courtesy of Teck Keong),  and several Trike teeth in matrix to the Ceratopsian Collection!

photo 2


UPDATE – Our new member to the Trike team: 15″ by 15″ Triceratops horridus frill, with clear detailing of vascular structure that supplied blood to keratinous sheath covering:

Triceratops need no introduction, for their tank-like morphology and similarity with the rhinoceros makes it a favourite of many of us since our childhoods.

Earlier this year I just acquired a Triceratops frill fragment from the Australian Natural History Museum in Sydney, and fellow fossil collector Rick Lim (check out his fossil blog shop!) had kindly helped me pick up a Triceratops tooth from FossilsHK when he dropped by Hong Kong. Just got my Trike fix with an 8″ juvenile Triceratops horridus skull horn, left pure and unrestored straight from the ground.

Recent studies have found blood vessels in the facial horns of the Triceratops (now speculated to be more for displays than defence), which show up nicely due to the weathering of this horn specimen. Triceratops were abundant in Hell’s Creek Montana, where all three fossils were originally found; almost 50 skulls were discovered there from 2000 – 2010!

Maybe next this Triceratops vertebrae, with evidence of a battle with his age old nemesis? 😀


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  1. Rick Lim says:

    Thanks alot Bro!

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