Fossil shop review: World Arts & Crafts


From the same owners of World of Nature is World Arts & Crafts at B1-28, People’s Park Centre. I dropped by a few weeks back and parking is hard! This mainly a fengshui/crystal/handicrafts shop but with some fossils. The sales assistant were not knowledgeable, the owner wasn’t particularly keen to engage in a chat about fossils either, so i didn’t end up buying anything. Still, here are a couple of interesting but in my view severely-overpriced specimens:


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Just another passionate collector of fossils
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2 Responses to Fossil shop review: World Arts & Crafts

  1. Mr Lee says:

    Dear Calvin,
    I am the owner of World Arts & Crafts Pte Ltd.As you mentioned that those fossils are overpriced.
    To the point of view of customers,prices are always expensive.To the point of view of shop owner,we need profit to pay for the rental in Singapore that are sky high.
    The three shops you visited are all belongs to me,even Nature’s treasure where you met Vincent.
    Those big fossils that I display are mainly to show people as I know that Singaporean really short of knowledge on fossil.Just to show and not so willing to sell.
    So hope that you understand why I ” overpriced “.
    I have much more fossils but not showing out .I love them very much.
    You can ask Teck Keong and Mellisa.They both visited my shop too.
    Thank you.

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