Fossil shop review: Nature’s Treasures


Dropped by Vince’s shop a while back, and found him to be a really friendly, honest, and knowledgeable fellow collector! It was really a pleasure and he also happens to be into minerals and crystals and Fengshui. 

His shop had many interesting items, some of which were quite fairly priced – as a result i left with a couple of trilobites, ammonites, a rare blue Meg tooth, and a gorgeous crystallised clamshell.

Remember to give him a call to arrange an appointment before you go. His website: 

Here are a few pictures:


About chuyeeming

Just another passionate collector of fossils
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2 Responses to Fossil shop review: Nature’s Treasures

  1. Andy says:

    Finally an update!

    I must remember to drop by Vince’s shop soon. It’s the one near Orchard Road right?

    – Andy

  2. Calvin Chu says:

    Yes Andy, it’s the one at Tanglin Shopping Ctr. We can drop by together on our next gathering!

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