Fossil shop review: World of Nature

Fossilised alligator with skin S$12,000

Finally happened by the World of Nature shop at Harbourfront #02-61 to check out their collections. They retail both minerals and fossils, and have several interesting and large specimens of pretty good quality. The owner of this family-owned business, who is the one knowledgeable about the fossils (and who does the negotiating) is rarely there, but it is open during normal hours and manned by the mom and son. I consider the prices generally too steep, but here’re some interesting items that caught my eye:

Stingray S$9,888


Assorted horns, coral, teeth, shell, knightia, ammonite, etc.


Tarbosaurus egg pair in matrix S$7,000Keichosaurus $9,888

Assorted minerals, ammonite, nautilus, etc.

Paradoxide S$680

Other fossils for sale:
– Starfish S$1,688
– 5″ high unpolished amber chunk S$400
– Corprolite S$80
– Small flattened hadrosaur egg S$680
– Other miscellaneous sharks teeth, mammal teeth/skull, ammolite, carvings, horns, etc.
Happy shopping!

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2 Responses to Fossil shop review: World of Nature

  1. Kai says:

    I visited the shop today and the middle-aged lady shop manager told me that only their shop has polished ammonites displaying sutures and that no one else has such good ammonites. I mentioned that many websites carry such ammonites and she dismissed them. A question of faulty knowledge or over-exaggerated marketing?

    • chuyeeming says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience Kai! Mr Lee from World Arts & Crafts owns this shop, so you might like to get in touch with him instead. I found him quite knowledgeable and helpful.

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