Inaugural fossil swap!

Our regular collectors circle in Singapore is growing! Yesterday Rick, Andy, Mark, Calvin, Teck Keong, Swee Hee & family met up again to visit the ‘Dinosaurs Live!’ exhibit at the Science Centre, exchange fossils, and go a-hunting for shops selling fossils in Singapore.

The exhibit was a little slow and the anatomical discrepancies on the dinos were hilarious, but still a lot of fun for the kids. More exciting was the wheelin’ & dealin’ at our first fossil swap, where we saw 3 eggs, egg shells, 4 spiny & 5 elrathia trilobites, alligator scutes, mammoth teeth & tusks, fossil ferns, a keichosaurus, petrified wood, and other shells, teeth, and ammonites changing hands! It was sooo satisfying for all and the success factor for good trades was ‘market liquidity’ – aggregating items, giving and taking to get deal flow.

Thereafter we went by a few non-descript Chinese antique & relogious shops at Race Course road and found several items including ammonites, ammolites, trilobites, several hadrosaur eggs (including 2 sets of fake ones – don’t get fooled!)… as well as these giant 2ft and 3.5ft eggs!

We’ve put together a nerdy video of the memories that day, and look forward to the next gathering! We’ve also just created a Facebook page at!/groups/fossilcollector/

Do join us for updates, chats, and news!


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