Walking with Dinosaurs

BBC’s award-winning television series, Walking with Dinosaurs, has toured in 142 cities globally and Singapore can finally join the 5.2mn people who have seen it! The S$25m production features 20 live-sized animatronic dinosaurs, and tells their story through the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods. The organisers took the promotions to Orchard Road with a baby T-Rex:

Simply put, the show itself is awesome. The movements on the dinosaurs were really fast (quantum leaps above the mechanical actions you see in the museums) and scientifically-accurate, and their lifelike finishing and interactive behavior easily distracted the audience from the moving ‘rocks’ or performer legs below the dinos. The sheer size of the large animals, especially the Brachiosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex, totally took out breath away. We’re so delighted that even in this age of computer animated effects, The Creature Technology Company was able to showcase the continual relevance of animatronics in this brand new application. It was nice that the organisers probably saw fan photos/videos as user-generated promotional support (because nothing comes close to seeing them face-to-face), so here’re some exerpts of our favourite moments:

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